A New Image Integrative Health is please to offer Fatlossity™. This is a 5 Factor Fat Loss System the first DAY & NIGHT weight loss supplement that targets five key metabolic factors. This program is backed by the latest in modern-day science and addresses Thermogenesis, Hormonal Balance, Blood Sugar Support, Stress and Cortisol as well as Sleep and Recovery. Ancient Ayurvedic herbs are also used for their balancing and thermogenic properties.

Dr. Korgan at ANI Integrative Health and functional medicine has seen many attempts at weight loss over his 40 years of medical practice and is very confident in this new approach to losing weight and regaining health. ‘Approaching weight loss with this multi faceted program just makes sense and will be a game changer for those struggling to lose any amount of weight ‘, he says.

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“Dieting” we all know can be a total waste of time, effort and money because there are many reasons other than just what you eat to explain why the body may hold on to extra weight. Functional medicine has figured this out.

Hormone imbalance, metabolic disregulation, adrenal malfunction, thyroid insufficiency, immune problems, digestive issues, nutrient deficiencies, or toxicities are probably contributing to the extra weight that defies weight loss efforts of even the most diligent. Toxicities of which we are totally unaware are one of the most common reasons for people struggling to regain their health & ideal body weight.

This all started with Our functional medicine detox program which was developed by Dr Steven Cabral and originally intended for folks suffering with immune imbalances and other debilitating health issues. An amazing side effect rapidly became obvious. These clients not only got well, but additionally there was always substantial weight loss! What is going on here?

The reason is that as your systems become rebalanced and toxins are cleared, your body naturally sheds the weight as it is returning to health. Toxins are stored in fat!

And that’s why a functional medicine detox like Dr. Cabral Detox works so quickly and effectively – it actually gets to the root cause of the problem because it addresses the underlying imbalances and issues.

Any fad diet will help a person lose weight for a short period of time, but only an actual wellness system that rebalances and addresses all aspects of health can help keep it off for good.

This is what Fatlossity™ will do for you.



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Thermogensis involves heating the body up and turning it into a calorie burning machine. This is partially accomplished by the Ayurvedic herbs such as cayenne, long pepper fruit, ginger and black pepper which are encapsulated for maximum digestion and efficiency.

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Hormonal Balance

So many struggle to lose weight even when they are eating the right foods and moving their bodies in the recommended amount each week. It’s important to understand that estrogen dominance may the a significant factor keeping you from losing weight. Fatlossity™ uses estrogen balancing herbal-based ingredients that can be very effective at maintaining healthy hormone levels. Additional nutrients, tyrosine and iodine are added for the production and metabolic boosting benefits to thyroid hormone.

Blood Sugar Support

A very important factor in burning body fat is turning on your body’s inborn ability to know when to use fat for fuel burning. Stable blood sugar levels are the only way to ensure that this happens. Thus central to the formulation of Fatlossity™ DAY & NIGHT formula are scientifically validated minerals such as chromium, selenium, and vandal sulfate, all which enable blood sugar stability. These powerful minerals are complimented by ancient healing herbs like Gymnema sylvestre that further work to stabilize blood sugar.

Stress Control and Cortisol

It is not commonly known outside of the functional medicine world but stress is one of the biggest overlooked reasons for the body clinging to stubborn fat. If you have high levels of cortisol your fat-burning hormone signals will decrease and your body will actually store fat especially around the belly area. As your body sees it this is a survival mechanism and actually protects you in the event of a challenging times with possibly lack of food.

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Sleep and Recovery

Inflammation is higher in those who sleep fewer than 7 hours of sleep on average. Also fasting blood sugars are higher when you get less than 6 hours of sleep.Here is an interesting fact – you are in your highest fat burning zone while while sleeping – who would have thought! That means if you follow the Fatlossity(TM) System you will be burning the greatest percentage of body fat overnight.


Fatlossity™ debuts 2 new patented fat loss ingredients used in the exclusive DAY & NIGHT formulas.


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Claremore Natural Health Fatlossity Nutrients

The clinically studied weight loss ingredients in Fatlossity™ include Capsimax® a cayenne pepper extract known to enhance thermogenesis and reduce appetite, InnoSlim® a purified extract from Panax Ginseng and Astragalus Root that boost metabolism, Ashwagandha popular for hundreds of years for its medicinal benefits helps to balance and reduce stress, L-theanine an amino acid found in green tea, that helps to calm the nervous system for deep rejuvenating sleep that restores, Chromium an essential trace mineral, that improves insulin sensitivity while improving metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, Tyrosine a naturally occurring amino acid that the body uses to synthesize proteins, thyroid hormone and raise metabolic rate.

Fatlossity™ includes
DAY and NIGHT formulas in addition to the full guide that includes
Fatlossity anti-inflammatory nutrition plan,
metabolic movement guide,
intermittent fasting plan,
fat loss food shopping list,
Thermogenic meal planner and even more.
Hormone balancing protocols
Top toxins to remove
Deep sleep protocol
Filling and delicious recipes

Welcome to the integrative and functional medicine groundbreaking DAY and NIGHT fat burning system called Fatlossity™ – scientifically formulated and developed for a full 24 hours of fat burning results by boosting your metabolism and addressing other underlying reasons why you struggle to lose weight and keep it off. This is backed by a full 60 day money back guarantee.