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So, what is a health coach and do I need one?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Do you want to get to the root cause of your health issues? ANI Integrative Health has your answer.

Have you ever felt that there is quite simply a gap in the way health services are provided today? Around the world we have amazing caring doctors, excellent medical facilities, robust research and development programs and the world wide web full of information not to mention the countless number of books on how to and motivation.

There is an explosion of information (most of which is unverified), confusion and yo-yo dieting. It is no wonder we are all floundering.

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So WHY are we sick, over weight, lacking in energy, aging more quickly than we should and suffering from countless symptoms and diagnosis for which there seem to be no good answer? And even when we find a potential answer we feel pretty much on our own to navigate the process of regaining our health. There are answers a plenty, more ‘programs’ than one could access in a lifetime and more short term ‘band aid’ type ‘treatments’ than we can begin to apply even if you wanted to. Dr Korgan, MD director of ANI Integrative Health is well aware of this ‘gap’ and wants to provide help.

Dr. Jahnke from Health Action. “It’s an allusion that medicine is prevention–it’s intervention. Prevention is people taking care of themselves.”

Enter the ANI Integrative Health health or wellness coach who will help you separate hype and fiction from proven scientific knowledge combined with traditional wisdom. You will discover the facts and apply them to your unique situation for healing and life balance.

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How many of us have emerged from our traditional doctor’s office after being told everything looks good, that our labs are normal and yet you know that you do not feel well, you have brain fog or decreased energy etc. You KNOW that something is not right. ANI Integrative Health addresses just that. Even the Wall Street Journal has reported on the effectiveness and value of health and wellness coaches. Recently they reported that there is a “broader shift within the health-care industry toward keeping people well instead of simply treating them when they’re sick.” And that “although wellness coaching is a relatively new field, some recent research suggests that it does work-at least in the short term.”

ANI Integrative Health is here for you. We offer health coaching or wellness coaching to help you understand the best plan considering your health issues. Dr. Korgan will help you cut back or eliminate prescription medications as your body heals and health improves. We are able to ‘hold your hand’ through a process and plan that you help develop. We will teach you the DE-STRESS protocol which is based on Dr Cabral’s book ‘The Rain Barrel Effect. Diet, Exercise, Stress, Toxins, Rest, Emotions, Supplements, Success mindset.

For example, which diet is really best??? paleo, vegan, Mediterranean, keto and the list goes on and on. We have studied many different diets and will help you take things step by step and guide you toward a dietary plan that really works for you.

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Here is what it might look like. When you first meet with Dr Dwight or Christy you will share a detailed intake interview after which you will work together to develop a plan of action. It is very important to know your numbers and Functional medicine lab testing will be recommended as needed to answer the ‘why’ question, quantify your body functions and expedite the fine tuning of your program for healing. ANI Integrative Medicine understands that everyone is different, and as such your program will also be unique.

Dr Korgan MD and Christy PT, MPH at ANI Integrative Health are both certified level 2 Integrative Health Practitioners and as such are fully equipped to assess, test and work with you to develop a program specifically for you. Typically protocols for remediating your issues will last 6-8 weeks, but the life style changes you will learn to love are what make the lasting difference.

Our communication with you includes face to face or ‘skype’ type meetings, e-mails and or phone calls and are scheduled at your convenience . You will receive handouts and clearly defined protocols to address your identified ‘why’s. We will deliver your Personal Wellness Plans based on the 7 Integrated Disciplines of the Integrative Health Practitioner program.

At ANI Integrative Health your initial 15 minute consult is free. After that we typically recommend 3-4 sessions over the following 4 months for which you pay $400 in total. After that you may purchase individual sessions as needed. The cost is typically not covered by insurance but you may be able to be reimbursed through your Flexible Spending Account or HSA account.

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So, how can a health coach help you?

If you are puzzled or exhausted or trying understand just what to do, if you are overwhelmed with info and not sure where to begin, ANI Integrative Health is here to support you and help you get well, lose weight and slow the aging process.

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Anyone who is struggling to get healthier might want to consider hiring a wellness coach, When making a major change, it’s totally normal to think of all the reasons you can’t do it,” even if you are a health professional it can be difficult to navigate the craziness. You know how to take care yourself but putting everything in place can be a different story. You need to make a change on the inside before you can change the outside.