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Learn how to have abundant health, attain ideal weight, and slow the aging process

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Learn how to have abundant health, attain ideal weight, and slow the aging process

We help you to stay proactive with your health so you don’t have to take traditional medicine.

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About Us

Dwight Korgan MD and Christy Korgan PT, MPH are a husband and wife team. Each of us are certified Integrative Health Practitioners level II and have a passion to share a BETTER WAY to approach health. We are committed to you, anxious to listen to your story and help you navigate your healing journey using the latest most sophisticated lab testing, the highest quality supplements available for short term protocols to rebalance your body allowing it to heal naturally.

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There are not enough words to express the excellent care provided by Dr. Dwight Korgan and his team. He offers expertise in naturalistic functional medicine as an integrative health practitioner/ MD. Our family has been followed by Dr Korgan for more than 15 years and now travel 2 hrs to obtain his excellent, beyond thorough, kind, supportive care. He offers instructions in proper supplementation to bolster our well being along with performing regular testing and health coaching. We have complete confidence that we are getting the very best health care and guidance we could obtain anywhere!

– The Gil family

What an amazing team! We are thankful for Dr. Korgan, Christy Korgan and the entire staff. The Korgan’s have beautifully integrated decades of Medical experience with Functional medicine and whole body health. Our family has greatly benefited by the holistic approach of this team. We have been introduced to the benefit of essential oils and the tests and protocol subscribed with the Equilibrium products. Our health, energy and sense of well being has improved markably. I think the most wonderful thing about Team Korgan their genuine interest in the whole person – physical health, family life, mental outlook, and spiritual. They spend time with patients and are genuinely interested in their welfare. Is there a rating higher than 5 stars? ~ It would be well deserved!

– Lisa

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