Functional Medicine

What is functional or integrative medicine?

In a sentence, it is rebalancing your body systems, using scientifically proven methods, lab tests, supplements, diet and lifestyle modifications.

Imagine yourself standing on one leg. It would not be very hard to push you over or you might even fall down by yourself.That is what an unbalanced, ill and aging body is like. Now imagine standing in a crouched position with both feet set and knees slightly bent. It would be much more difficult to knock you over and you would be very strong position to resist any challenge.That is what a healthy balanced body is like.

At A New Image Integrative Health, we have brought Claremore natural health options – not just giving pills, but functional medicine labs and protocols that allow your body to actually heal itself.

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A Body In Balance

A body that’s in balance doesn’t give in to sickness easily and actually resists both acute and chronic disease. A body in balance looks and feels its best and show its age the least- this is true anti-aging.

A balanced body will

     -heal itself in most instances,

     -have more energy,

     -decreased brain fog and

     -return to its ideal weight.

A New Image Integrative Health is excited to bring Claremore natural health options to accomplish these goals. We are especially excited to bring the Fatlossity System for short and long term weight control and rebalancing your body.

Integrative medicine addresses all aspects of lifestyle for it truly is functional medicine. Healing and rebalancing of body systems is achieved through helping to

     -rebuild sleep patterns,

     -recommending diet modifications specifically for you,

     -designing a graduated exercise program,

     -addressing stress management – stress both internal and external causes disease

      -using recommended supplements for both short term and if necessary, longer term to accomplish your goals.

A New Image Natural Health is pleased to offer and recommend Equi.Life natural health supplements.   These are of the highest quality and effectiveness, third party tested.

Anyone Can Improve

Anyone can improve their health by rebalancing their body.  This leads to not only a sense of well being but having more energy and clearer thinking. Many people are turning to the internet or using books to guide them in their quest for answers and wellness. However there are many who are more confused than ever not knowing where to start or what to do next.  

There are answers and at A New Image Natural Health we bring solutions not only to Claremore for natural health, but also to the surrounding area and to any clients who would like to experience our services via telecommunication.

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For More Information

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr Korgan or one of our certified health coaches, call 918-888-9600. Your first 15 minute consultation is always free. plus we’ll give you a healthy foods shopping guide, absolutely free!!!

So, what is integrative medicine? It’s just that – an integration of functional laboratory testing, appropriate use of supplements and rebalancing your lifestyle. Need Help? We’d love to be your partner to in good health. Claremore could be different with natural health options.

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Help for Your Frustration

So many people are frustrated because they just don’t feel well and they can’t discover why. They’ve been to their see their doctor and even multiple specialists only to be told that all their blood tests are in the “normal range.”

Dr Korgan has agonized with giving patients this kind of report, only to have them say, but ‘I don’t feel well’ or ‘I cannot lose weight no matter what I do’.

Trust me, as a physician who has made a lifelong commitment to helping people get well, it is very frustrating to see people make only temporary improvements or never regain their health at all.

This is why Dr Korgan and Christy Korgan have taken the time and made the effort to take advanced studies to help you get to the root cause of your symptoms. At A New Image Natural Health we bring not only Claremore natural health, but can offer anyone with internet access life assess to this healing information.

Our Goal

Our goal is not to replace your primary care physician, but to introduce you to an entirely new way of looking at health and healing.

You are in charge of your health and as such are the only one who can make the changes that affect the rest of your life..

When we identify the ‘toxicities’ that are making you sick you are empowered to remove those things either from inside or outside your body.  

What are the things that are causing your gut problems, poor sleep, lack of energy, inability to lose or gain weight, poor brain function, decreased libido or generally aging at a faster rate?

At A New Image Integrative Health we don’t claim to know everything, but willingly offer another approach to Claremore via natural medicine.

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We want to help you change your life – for the better.

Acute care medicine in most western countries is incredible, but long term care is not so good. A couple of examples are heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Despite being treated with surgery and drugs, most people who have had a heart attack or bypass have another event in just a few years. Why? Because we are not looking at the whole story.  It is not cholesterol or even stopping smoking.

There are plenty of people who have had heart disease more than 20 years ago without recurrence.  Their secret is really no secret at all, they changed the way they live.

With type two diabetes most people are given a diet sheet and medication. Unfortunately for most, what follow is an escalating process requiring more and more medications that are more and more expensive with more and more side effects.

Most people are told to loose weight even as they are prescribed medications that cause weight gain. Eventually cardiovascular disease, renal and eye diseases develop. For most people however, this doesn’t have to be the end result. This does not have to be your story.

At A New Image Medical we offer natural health options to Claremore and the surrounding area, as well as to our telemedicine clients.